WIM/WiN Saskatchewan chapter member

Gail Clark

Director, Co-Chair - New Brunswick Chapter at NB Power

WIN-NB Co Chair Board Member& a Training Supervisor at New Brunswick’s  Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station.

Gail started her career path by graduating from NBCC -Electronic Information Systems Technologist and was hired on as an EI&C maintainer, where she learned plant equipment maintenance and processes. From there her career activities flowed into the fix it now team, work management/planning departments during the refurbishment, and currently training.

Gail speaks abundantly about non traditional roles in STEM -always charging forward to reach out to grade schools for take your kid to work day, working with Women equity branch and Skill Canada-NB why you might ask- Because when she was in Grade 12  influencer told her she was not smart enough to go to post secondary education.

Gail was one of  the first two women hired into the EI&C shopback in the early 2000’s. Its been a great journey- Don’t let others define you