Bruce chapter member

Tracy Primeau

Secretary at Bruce Power

Tracy is a Shift Manager at Bruce Power. In addition to this she serves on WiN Canada’s Board of Directors as Secretary, is a former Chapter Chair of WiN Bruce, and has given back to WiN by donating her time to be a speaker, and panelist at many WiN Canada events. She has been a WiN Canada/WiN Bruce member since 2004 and has yet to miss an annual conference.    

She is part of WiN Canada because she enjoys the networking and mentoring opportunities it has offered her. Being a member has improved her leadership and lobbying skills and introduced her to a group of incredible women and men. 

She loves the nuclear industry because it is the best bet to combat climate change while offering affordable energy and employing thousands of people in high paying, challenging, and rewarding jobs. The nuclear industry is also leading the way in medical isotopes in the diagnosis of many different cancers. Furthermore, with the advancement of SMRs she believes we will have the ability to deliver clean energy to remote communities, thus supporting a more stable food and water supply. The industry has been supporting her and her family since she was three years old; it has given her a multitude of opportunities.  

She believes that in order for the nuclear industry to succeed we must be on the front lines advocating for it. When women talk to women about their work, we can change minds and foster true meaningful dialogue.